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does your money love you?
February 17, 2009

pro skater turned musician.
this has been on repeat for days


February 15, 2009

this guy who i used to smile at and talk to in the Italian place was there, he hurried us along








asian food market


i hate the bus
February 15, 2009



cody- went to bw3’s, seemed like a trouble maker

next time i’m riding my bike

rich girl
February 6, 2009

this possibly the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

please check her out.

friends maybe
January 31, 2009


i’ve got your words in me
January 26, 2009


oh man
January 24, 2009


i’m not sure if i just ruined a really great thing. or cut myself off from something that was eating at my conciense. either way. i loose. i’m holding on to two things at the same time. eventually i think i will fall. and that eventually was probably¬† last night. it’s over but i want positive clarity. even from the very beginnings of all this i had this little feeling this was all going to turn out badly. this is based solely on the fact that i’m horible at ending, horrible at closure, basically all in all horrible. the whole ordeal makes my stomach hurt. perhaps i will practice erasing memories from my brain one at a time until i am a blank slate. i would prefer the mind of a child but instead i’m stuck with a mind full of conflicting ideas. i’ll miss it. i really am sorry. but something’s telling me a should just take a walk, forget, and move on. that would have been very good advice from the beginning

us: “do you have any cigarettes?”
January 24, 2009

cap boy: nah i left them… at home

us: oh it just seems like you two would be the type to smoke

cap: oh yeah well we can … buy you some

us: sorry what did you say, we don’t speak english very well

cap: you can hit someone up in clifton, they’re cool like that

us: how old are you guys anyways?

cap: uhhh, fifteen

us: no way

cap: how old are you?

us: twelve and eleven

cap: aren’t you a bit young to be smoking

us: uh no, we started at six


our contact info and a real life conversation in our stalker notebook

fri. sat. sun. mon.
January 23, 2009

a three day weekend. we were really active. i spent hardly any time alone. but it suited me. a lot of sleeping took place but we were still really tired. i went to maira’s twice! found out they have their hot soups at iris bookcafe and sell coffee emporium coffee. i was elated to find that my three favorite places are working together. It gave me a lot of hope in small businesses and in cincinnati’s community.


things got a little weird


and weirder


happy mlk day and happy obama’s inauguration.

broken plates
January 12, 2009

on friday we went to krogers and bought all these christmas plates. they were only twenty five cents. WHAT A DEAL! we smashed them against trees in the park. it was freezing cold and of course we weren’t wearing the correct winter apparel because when are we ever? so i think we may have gotten frostbite. but it was one of those things where in the end your glad you did it. there is nothing more gratifying than hearing a plate smash against a tree, even in the snowy woods at night.



gross and also uncomfortable