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the tree
December 8, 2008


it’s really starting to feel like christmas.


main street in the snow
December 8, 2008

we went down town yesterday looking for findlay and the library, what we found was main street cafes and bookshops, places for pottery and literary circles in which we felt as if we were intruding, i guess we weren’t. we sat and drank coffee with these old men writer types and talked about photography and art and all that. otr is looking up a bit and it gave me hope in cincinnati. I love the snow and i love the city, slipping and sliding on the snowy street and a man laughs at you. it was a fun day



the best  is the kind that is found and the kind that comes from the untrained eye



iris bookcafe, cozy and perfect

top 10 albums that I listened to in 2008
December 6, 2008

not all of these are necessarily from 2008 but i listened to them and that’s what counts.

cat power- jukebox. i bought this album at the beginning of the year as a”gift” but decided i really bought it for myself. chill and relaxing.

2. dustin o’hallorin- piano solos. simple and lovely, what ever instrumental album should be


3. emily haines and the soft skeleton.- knives don’t have your back.¬† haunting, pensive, and beautiful lyrics that stay with you always.


4. johnny flynn- a larum. songs that make you think, is that a type writer i’m hearing?


5. Land of Talk- some are lakes. i bought this on vinyl at shake it and had it playing non stop for weeks, i kind of got lost in her trippy vocals.


6. lykke li- youth novels. swedish pop like none other, thoughtful yet fun to dance to. kinda creepy at times.


7. santogold- santogold. in one word fresh. my summer sound track. something you wanna listen to in your car with the windows rolled down


8. sister gertrude morgan- let’s make a record. totally authentic extremely listenable. even if you’re not religious this album will stay with you, it’s just her and her tambourine but as i listened to this album it became extremely intricate complex and gorgeously done.


9. someone still loves you boris yeltsin- pershing. a perfect mix of jangly indie pop and beach boys-esque harmonies. fun and amazing.


10. the thermals- the body, the blood, the machine. eighties punk rock garage band revival.

art project!
December 4, 2008


p williams says it’s not done and my camera is low quality but it’s supposed to be the four seasons, real cliche but whatev

slacking AGAIN!
December 4, 2008

today was just one of those days where you go to the udf and look for hot fries for maybe and hour and braid your friend’s bangs, i love day’s like that sometimes.



she is wearing a vile of my DNA around her neck, true love i think

i cut my hair again!
December 1, 2008

i don’t know how much you can tell it’s mostly from the back but it’s alright straight i think8aatnaww

my mom said “you look really cute now that you’re not taking drugs” and i started to worry that i looked exceptionally horrible when i was

i’m thinking
December 1, 2008


she told me she missed him, and i’m still acting like i don’t. and honestly it makes it alright. I tried to makes things better with all of that but maybe it really is time to cut it off. it was about a year ago everything happened and sometimes i wish it hadn’t happened at all. She asked if i missed him too and i said no. Because i don’t think i do.