top 10 albums that I listened to in 2008

not all of these are necessarily from 2008 but i listened to them and that’s what counts.

cat power- jukebox. i bought this album at the beginning of the year as a”gift” but decided i really bought it for myself. chill and relaxing.

2. dustin o’hallorin- piano solos. simple and lovely, what ever instrumental album should be


3. emily haines and the soft skeleton.- knives don’t have your back.  haunting, pensive, and beautiful lyrics that stay with you always.


4. johnny flynn- a larum. songs that make you think, is that a type writer i’m hearing?


5. Land of Talk- some are lakes. i bought this on vinyl at shake it and had it playing non stop for weeks, i kind of got lost in her trippy vocals.


6. lykke li- youth novels. swedish pop like none other, thoughtful yet fun to dance to. kinda creepy at times.


7. santogold- santogold. in one word fresh. my summer sound track. something you wanna listen to in your car with the windows rolled down


8. sister gertrude morgan- let’s make a record. totally authentic extremely listenable. even if you’re not religious this album will stay with you, it’s just her and her tambourine but as i listened to this album it became extremely intricate complex and gorgeously done.


9. someone still loves you boris yeltsin- pershing. a perfect mix of jangly indie pop and beach boys-esque harmonies. fun and amazing.


10. the thermals- the body, the blood, the machine. eighties punk rock garage band revival.


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