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we saw some antiques today
November 30, 2008



i want this more than anything






oh i love these


“eternity was in our lips and eyes” -brave new world
November 29, 2008

i. eternity was in our lips and eyes. forever was holding hands with us kissing us and talking us into touching and feeling around. was taking off our clothes and telling us to stay awhile and everything would be fine.

because mostly it was

ii. This felt like stars embedded in a sky like glass and gravel after too much too drink. She’s not cognizant. “my baby saw a big man on the tv set wearin’ a santa clause suit and a fake beard”, she said that like it didn’t even matter. “but what did he say?” you ask her.

“i don’t even remember” she lit another cigarette and went to sleep.

iii. We are living in a world full of mean bad things. We let our children become thugs but we still try and love them. These day’s i was letting death work for me, even when i was feeling fine.

Was a quarter not enough to put in the metal bucket at the salvation army? The coin plinked pitifully off the tin bottom. The big man in red fur that hardly appeared natural looked at you expectantly. Now you were remembering what he had said on tv.

iv. “i think i joined a cult”, was what the note she left for him on the front door said.

“why did you join a cult?” he had asked.

“i don’t know it was an accident”, she was defensive.

But everything had been changing since people started projecting all of their garbage into outer space. The holidays were going to be very different this year

should i buy this?
November 29, 2008


i keep thinking it would be weird if i bought this because fake vintage is shitty, but i love the cut

i made a wish
November 28, 2008


i made this wish but maybe it was stupid s62j1tqu

i love crohn


it was a fun day and i like being warm in winter time

thanksgiving at my house
November 28, 2008

my family is the one completely entertained grandma’s wig






they freaked out when they found out it was a fake

happy thanks giving everyone
November 27, 2008


i found out how gravy was made today, enlightening. i am never eating gravy again. as if i liked it before though, so not much has changed

okay so
November 26, 2008

is it so wrong to want them to go home before they’re even there? ohhh. i want to wink at some people. how cute. i smiled all day

November 23, 2008

this makes my world go round

sunshine, blah blah blah
November 22, 2008

i saw this like three days ago


November 21, 2008

i was just reading my really old livejournal and oh jeez, i was so depressed. and i still do get those feelings of wanting someone to hold onto, or something.

i want to fold my heart up and open it and i want someone to be there, but not him.

tom and i talked about how much boys sucked, oh i realized it was true. why the hell am i pretending. i’m not sad, i just feel jipped in a way. if that makes any sense. i want to see a whole bunch of things and also i need a real camera. celine and i are doing photography club together, that girl is a hoot